Below you will find links to press coverage of the suffering of the Trinity Downwinders.

"Decades after Nuclear test, U.S. studies cancer fallout," Sept. 15, 2014
Published by the Wall Street Journal

"Cancer Institute's Trinity Study To Fill in Nuclear History Gap," Sept. 14, 2014   
 Published in The Santa Fe New Mexican .

"Trinity Downwinders Protest at Site of First Nuclear Detonation" 
Published by The Santa Fe New Mexican

"Tularosa downwinders press on with radiation claims"
Published by the Albuquerque Journal

"Cancer Institute to Study Health of Trinity Downwinders"
Published by Santa Fe New Mexican    

"Forgotten: Trinity's Downwinders"
Published by Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety

An interview on Santa Fe Radio KSFR:

"Forgotten Running Out of Time"
Published by

"Chidren of the Bomb," April 17, 2011
Published by Santa Fe New Mexican

"Witness Recalls Trinity Blast" — Reuters

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